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Smorgon Milk Products
a branch of JSC «Lida Milk and Canning Plant»

New equipment and modernization

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  • Saturday, 17 May 2014

    "Smorgon Dairy Products" branch of JSC "Lida Milk and Canning Plant" is a successful enterprise specializing in the production of skimmed milk, butter, cottage cheese and ice cream. A distinctive feature of all products is high quality. This was achieved thanks to strict control over the quality of the raw materials supplied and the use of modern equipment.

    "Smorgon Dairy Products" now includes three main production shops: a dry skimmed milk shop, a butter shop and a shop for the production of whole milk products. Multifunctional processing centers for primary milk processing were implemented at the enterprise, which allowed the production of "Smorgon Dairy Products" to reach a new production rate of 25 tons per hour. Modernization has accelerated the processing of dairy products and also achieved a higher quality while significantly reducing energy consumption.

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