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Milk and cottage cheese is the pledge of health

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  • Thursday, 15 May 2014

    Since ancient times, dairy products have been known for their useful properties for the human body and have long been used to treat a variety of ailments, both in folk and in traditional medicine. Today the range of dairy products is so diverse that not everyone is familiar with the useful properties of a single product.

    Any competent nutritionist always takes into account in the preparation of a program the possibility of including any dairy products. After all, calcium and milk protein, contained in milk, cottage cheese and yogurt are the basis of many health diets. Thanks to the regular consumption of dairy products, it is possible to achieve impressive results - to restore the intestinal microflora, to stabilize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, to improve immunity, and, without taking any medications, to eliminate the deficiency of calcium.

    Milk and milk products due to the microelements contained in it (cobalt, iodine, iron, etc.) protect the body from thyroid diseases, and also serves as a good means of preventing many blood diseases.

    It is worth remembering that not all milk that can be bought in a store does in fact benefit health. The most useful is fresh milk, which is not diluted and not "improved" to increase the shelf life. If the shelf life of milk exceeds 3-4 days from the date of manufacture, then such a product will be less useful. Pros of milk with a long shelf life are basically just that it could be bought wholesale. If we know milk since childhood, then the choice of cottage cheese is a little more complicated. Every day the variety of curd products increases and over new methods of sales day and night work professional marketers. Do not forget that the most useful for your health will be that cottage cheese, which with a minimum of impurities and preservatives. A bright sticker and a beautiful inscription distract us from the main thing - cottage cheese should be natural and useful. Certainly, it`s up to you to decide - what to choose, expensive cottage cheese with a bunch of preservatives and a small portion of jam or replace it with this natural cottage cheese with berries, fruit, homemade jam.

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