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Smorgon Milk Products
a branch of JSC «Lida Milk and Canning Plant»

Cottage cheese production line

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  • Wednesday, 15 May 2013

    In 2006, in order to exclude the open production process of cottage cheese, enterprise "Smorgon Dairy Products" launched the automated line for the production of cottage cheese by "TEWES-BIS".

    Polish line with capacity of 5 tons of cottage cheese per day has not only improved the quality of finished products, but also significantly reduced energy costs. In 2013, the management of enterprise "Smorgon Dairy Products" decided to modernize the cottage cheese line and increase its capacity two and a half times from 5 tons of cottage cheese per day to 12.5 tons of cottage cheese per day. Modernization of equipment has increase production volumes, and, consequently, increased sales of finished goods both in the internal market of the Republic of Belarus and for export.

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